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Doing bicycle repairs by book!

Well I finally got round to repairing my bike! It needed a good clean all round especially the chain. Luckily there is no rust to report of. I am a big fan of the book Zinn and The Art of Road Bike maintenance out of all the bicycle repair books. I know that at some point I want to do some upgrades but its hard to find the energy (and the cash!).

I’m glad I decided not to take my bike into the bike repair shop down the road from me because it would have cost me so much and these days it is so easy to search for bike repair videos on youtube. In fact I wonder why everyone doesn’t do it more often?

The best part of doing a bike repair is that you get a placebo effect afterwards thinking that now you can go so much faster! I always enjoy that and usually shave off a few minutes from my trip into work!